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Monday, June 22, 2009

Quick Traffic-Building Tactics

By far, social networking and bookmarking is the quickest way to get a flood of traffic to your website. If you're starting a new business, here's what I suggest you do to begin building traffic to your site or blog:
  • Sign up to digg, StumbleUpon, Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, and twitter. Also sign up for
  • Use to post updates to all the above services whenever you post a new page or post on your blog.
  • Use Feedburner to distribute your RSS feed. Make sure you have an RSS link and image at the top of your blog.
  • Make sure that your site or blog has a sitemap. Send that sitemap to,, and (formerly known as Whenever you update or add a page, ping your sitemap to the search engines.
If you really want a traffic rush, write something controversial. Your headline is very important here. Instead of writing "Quick Traffic-Building Tactics" (like I did above -- shame on me!), write something like:

How to Flood Your Website and Take Down Your Server with 7 Killer Traffic-Building Secrets

Or, if you write an opinion piece, instead of "Fox News Sucks," write:

Every Minute You Watch Fox News, Rupert Murdoch Kills a Baby

Yeah, I know. Brutal. An exaggeration. Hyperbole. But it might catch some attention! And that's what it's all about. Now, of course, your content may not be able to back up the actual claim, but it has to deliver a knockout punch that matches the initial impact of the headline.

If you must, set up secondary accounts at all of the above services and submit your own stories!

Ethical? I don't know. But ethical doesn't feed your family. Cash does. And the way to cash? You have to have visitors.

That pay you money. We'll get to that in a while. But first, you have to get some eyeballs looking at your pages.

Social sites like twitter and Facebook will get you bursts of traffic. Hopefully, your content keeps them there. Once a visitor gets to your site, you have to work to get them to stay. Your content will take you a very long way, but try to think of ways to get visitors to stay on -- and come back to  -- your site. Suggest with every post that they subscribe to your feed or sign up for your list. Encourage them to become ambassodors of yours -- by putting social bookmarking buttons within your posts. Check out Socialize-it.

For more information on traffic-building tactics that will crush your webserver and stop Rupert Murdoch of Fox before he kills more babies, check out Traffic-Building Ideas.

PLR is One of the Fastest and Easiest Methods for Starting an Online Business

Private Label Rights, or PLR, publishing is one of the quickest and most effective internet marketing methods that you can implement. You can literally acquire, modify, and publish a PLR product in one day.

If you want to get your online business up and running, generating cash from day 1, PLR publishing is the way to go. What you do is acquire the rights to modify and call your own material created by somebody else. Here are a few places to go to find quality PLR material (a lot of private label rights material is crap):


Most of the documents you find here is free; some is very affordable.

No matter which way you go (free or paid), you then modify the material to suit your needs, putting in your name as the author, your headers and footers and links, and change, to your heart's content, any of the verbiage so that it suits the market you want to target.

Publish it using a PDF creator (the free OpenOffice is great, by the way), upload it to your site, set up a ClickBank and/or PayPal account, promote the product on your site and partner sites (if you have any), and start building buzz around your product.

For example, you could write a free report that promotes your for-sale product. Distribute this free report wherever you can (Facebook, twitter, digg). Write about your free report in articles that you distribute to article directories with a link in your resource box to either the free report or directly to your product sales page. If you use the latter technique, place an opt-in form at the top of your sales page directing your visitor to your free report.

You can be up and running with a product in just a few hours. Depending upon your market reach, you could have sales today!

If you want to learn more about PLR publishing, I have two shortcut reports that will tell you all the details and give you the opportunity to begin generating revenue immediately:

Internet Millions
Easy PLR Profits

If you are serious about earning substantial income online, you must -- at the very least -- investigate PLR. I assure you that it's one of the easiest ways to kickstart your business.

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